Quality, Integrity And Commitment – These Are The Core Corporate Values At Scaffex Inc.


    About Scaffex

    Established in 2013, Scaffex Inc. is a full service scaffolding company providing solutions to the Gatineau/Ottawa region. Our team of qualified workers and management personnel will ensure to answer your specific needs. We service all sectors of the construction industry: residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructures, from sales and rental of equipment to our expert installation service accompanied with our technical advice for a truly fulfilled experience.


    Mission Statement

    We believe in providing great service at a competitive price, without making any compromise on safety. Using modern equipment we constantly try to innovate new work practices and techniques to increase productivity and thus saving time and money to our clientele.  We will work with you from the initial set up to the final dismantle to ensure that your job is a success.


    Commitment To Safety

    Here at Scaffex Inc., safety is a priority. We are dedicated to providing our workers with a continuous training program that keeps them updated on latest regulations and safe work practices. We also provide our workers with advance safety systems for fall protection, initiative hazard control procedures and our WHASP program “Work Hazard Assessment and Safety Plan”. For us safety is not a task, it’s a way of life. Backed by our policies and programs, we are committed to providing a safe work environment to all workers on our projects.

    "By the present, I confirm that Scaffex Inc. worked with us on the project at the Bank of Canada Head Office in Ottawa and that they excel in the art of scaffolding installation as much as in customer service. It’s with pleasure and without concerns that we refer this firm for any potential clients and future projects."
    Bank of Canada
    Client Review